Servicing The Global Community

Derrick Wood – Chairman

Mr. Derrick Wood has a strong discipline and an unrelenting work ethic due to several early years of “conditioning” at a prestigious military academy.
Derrick has extensive knowledge of Energy Deregulation and Green Initiatives, plus a
strong background in Finance. He has been studying, teaching & presenting in this industry since 2007.
Derrick has been the keynote speaker for major companies in USA. He has also been instrumental in driving sales to over the billion $ mark.
Derrick has consulted with several entities and been a vital link in helping them to capitalize on green energy initiatives, through the implementation of LED lighting technology, specifically with retrofitting existing lighting configurations.

• Importer of Plexi-glass in the late 70″s – early 80’s
• First year 14 million in sales in the computer industry. Upgrading the IT needs of fortune lOO companies.
• Real Estate Mogul
• Creative Financing specialist

Derrick has always been a visionary leader, positioned, ready to meet needs of the future. Derrick has surrounded himself with strong individuals with extensive experience and backgrounds in marketing, emerging technology, energy and its deregulation.

A strong passion for green consciousness is paramount in Derrick’s approach to expanding new markets.