Servicing The Global Community

Dr. Roy Miller, President

Diverse medical background in several specialties – retired.

Due to recent advances in toxin, mercury, stress and other danger abatement and green initiatives, Dr. Miller immersed himself in “green” focused energy related technology in 2008.

Since that time, Dr. Miller has been focused intently on understanding the concepts, consequences and, most importantly, solutions regarding the health issues associated with the current dangers of Florescent, Mercury, and Tungsten Lights.

It is proven that much existing energy technology can and does have harmful effects on our children (ADHD, Retardation, and Autism).

Dr. Miller is passionate about helping people.  This passion has caused him to become an educator, developer and marketer of Green Energy solutions. As a result, in 2010, he partnered with others to bring to the market LED lights as well as other Green solutions to help protect us and our environment.   

Native of New York, currently residing on Long Island, NY.